Utah Jazz fans want a rebrand, but what should it look like?

The Utah Jazz fans have not been a big fan of the current uniforms and logos.
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

I'd be fair to say that Utah Jazz fans aren't happy about the current status of the team. From poor play on the court to questionable decisions off of it, it's been a wild season, to say the least. What every fan is hoping for, however, is a little relief. Relief is in the way of anything, really. Relief in the form of change, and a change that fans can get behind.

Even if that change is yet another new rebrand. Ryan Smith, when he bought the team, gave the team a new look and a new feel. Opting to go with the tired and boring "minimalistic" approach that no one ever really likes. They went with this option instead of the bombastic and nearly perfect purple mountain design that so many fans have adored for years gone by.

The Jazz moved away from that look for years, but have been bringing it back more and more recently, currently rocking a version of the iconic purple jerseys as an alternate uniform this season. It was the same look that Lauri Markkanen rocked as he competed in the All-Star game's Three-Point Contest. Clearly, it's the look everyone favors.

But with the news of the Los Angeles Clippers getting their own rebrand, and not a terrible one at that, fans are wondering if the Jazz will follow suit, and one user on Twitter broke down what he'd like to see, saying;

And honestly, we hate those ideas. We want the Utah Jazz to embrace the purple-mountain jerseys to the point that they bring back the iconic looks as part of their future. We wouldn't mind a tweak on those purple jerseys, as well as a slightly updated mountain look.

We don't want them to go back to the 70s, however. We believe in synergy and we know for a fact that the most successful era of Jazz basketball was when they embraced their mountanious state. So embrace it again. Modify and update it, but steer into the look that you saw the most success with. Hopefully then, Danny Ainge and company, can finally deliver on a team worth watching past April.