Twitter asks "Pick One"; LaMelo Ball or Trae Young?

If none isn't an option, I guess we have to pick the best fit for the Utah Jazz then
Atlanta Hawks v Utah Jazz
Atlanta Hawks v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz may be in the mood to go all in this summer. A report claimed that the Jazz tried to land a major player for the team just ahead of the NBA trade deadline, but it wasn't someone that was attached to the team in prior rumors, like DeJounte Murray. We don't know who this mystery player is, or if there was even one. It could all be a giant misdirection from the Jazz' front office to detour fan outrage over how the season has gone.

It could also be the truth. We have no idea who that player could be, but with how it was described, we could easily see it being someone like LaMelo Ball. Ball is in a dire situation with the Charlotte Hornets, as they're pretty much going nowhere this season or anytime soon, and a trade may be coming his way.

Though that's just conjecture from us. Though we do think Ball could be on the move and wouldn't you know it, Jazz Lead on Twitter also thinks that Ball could be a trade option, especially for your hometown Jazz squad. They positioned a question asking fans who they would rather see on the Jazz, Ball, or Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, and our answer may surprise you.

'Cus it's neither. Ball is too injured to rely on consistently and while Young can hit some shots, he's not efficient enough for what he's paid and he provides zero defense. Though, if we're stuck picking one, we'd rather go with Ball. Ball's bigger and more physical and while he isn't known for his defense, he's a significant upgrade over Young on that side of the ball.

Plus, his play style fits the Jazz better. He's a facilitator and playmaker, someone who can distribute the ball pretty well, and that's something the Jazz could really lean on. Young does pass a lot but that's because he's a ball-dominant guard who doesn't really let anyone else do that job. Catching and shooting is not his forte.