Trading for Trae Young would compound the issues the Utah Jazz are already dealing with

Trading for Trae Young is a bad idea for the Utah Jazz
Atlanta Hawks v Utah Jazz
Atlanta Hawks v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz could use one big trade. Someone who can come in and either help at the power forward or point guard spots for a couple of seasons while the Jazz figure out if Keyonte George and Taylor Hendricks are the answers going forward. Two names we'd love to see in Utah are Marcus Smart and Pascal Siakam, as they're two-way players that would help shore up the defense and make the offense more streamlined.

One name that we don't want to see is someone that SLC Dunk is hoping the Jazz go all in and trade for; Trae Young. The push for the Jazz to land the embattled guard from the Atlanta Hawks isn't something you see a lot of these days from the fandom. But SLC Dunk is trying to be a trendsetter, looking at the offensive dynamo as a key piece for the Utah Jazz in the near future.

The Jazz have the picks, the players, and the need to go in on a guy like Young, but should the Jazz go all in on Young? The answer isn't surprising to many people but we're going to say it anyway; no, the Jazz should not go in on Young. And it's not hard to see why; Young is the king of empty stats. He's a mediocre shooter from the floor (career 43.7%, Collin Sexton is a career 46.4% shooter), he's only a mediocre three-point shooter, hitting just 35% of his shots (Sexton hits 37%), and his passing is overrated.

He may average 9.5 per game, but the Jazz is one of the best passing teams in the league, ranking 9th in the NBA. the Hawks are 17th. The Hawks aren't good with Young, who shoots too much, forces too many passes (first in the league in turnovers), and plays too little defense (-2.1 DBPM). The idea that Young would improve a team is more a myth than it is reality, as he's had two barely winning seasons in Atlanta in six seasons and is currently 12-19 on the season.

The only Hawks player the Jazz should want is Dejounte Murray. He does the things the Jazz actually need to do; like play defense.

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