The Utah Jazz should hold off on trading Kelly Olynyk for right now.

The Boston Celtic have an interest in their old player, Kelly Olynyk.
Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics
Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are currently on a bit of a roll, they're 5-2 in their last seven and a lot of that has to do with the current makeup of the roster, namely the inclusion and use of Kelly Olynyk, a once-feared member of the Boston Celtics. Olynyk has found his way around the league since his days in Boston, but it appears that some in Boston would like to see him make his way back. According to Marc Stein on his Substack (via Real GM), the Celtics would like to get the Gonzaga product back this season.

If the Celtics do try to land Olynyk, it'll be one interesting trade as they don't have a lot of money to move around. They'd likely have to give up someone they may not want to get Olynyk and that's even if the Utah Jazz are looking to do business.

After all, Olynyk's play as of late has been a big reason why the Jazz are where they are. They're on the up-tick because, in part at least, the play of Olynyk and what he does for not only the Jazz's offense but its defense. Olynyk is a skilled passer from the low post and someone who can help the team's shooters get open and hit their shots. And when he's not helping others get their shots, he's capable of hitting from various parts of the court at a regular pace.

Then on defense, while he's not a lock-down guy like Kris Dunn or a rim protector like Walker Kessler, Olynyk is a gritty type of guy who can make a lot of people suffer for trying to challenge him. He's not afraid to take a charge or push someone off the low-post if he needs to. He can be physical and challenge others. A trend you don't see a lot of in modern NBA bigs.

The Jazz may soon find themselves out of contention with a stretch of tough opponents coming up, but whether the Celtics are interested in Olynyk or not, the Jazz have got to keep him for right now, because his impact on the team is very evident and the can't easily replace him. If the goal is to still win, then keeping Olynyk is a must.

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