Could Kelly Olynyk getting more minutes lead to more wins for the Utah Jazz?

The Utah Jazz may be on to something with the way they've been using Kelly Olynyk recently.
New York Knicks v Utah Jazz
New York Knicks v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are 2-0 when Kelly Olynyk plays 24 minutes or more while doling out seven or more assists in a game and pulling down 10 rebounds in an outing. Olynyk has largely played under that 24-minute mark this season, clocking in at just over 21 minutes, and mostly coming off the bench but over the last two outings the Jazz's big man has started in place of John Collins, and done a great job in doing so.

Collins has not played well on the court in any measurable way, aside from the conventional box score. He's among the team's worst help defenders and is constantly out of position underneath when guys go to the rim. It's no surprise that without him in the lineup the Jazz's offense is flowing better, and the team is more efficient on defense.

While Collins may have been a big get on paper, his fit hasn't been what the team needs. Olynyk's play, however, is exactly what the team needs. Instead of trading Olynyk, the team should re-think their future and how he factors into it, as Olynyk clearly makes this team better.

The Jazz are in dire need of unselfish, hardnosed players, who will find their teammates with a pass just as often as they find their matchup on defense. Olynyk does that. He gives the Jazz stability on both ends of the court, something the team seriously lacks.

While we've officially started the "trade season" for the NBA, and Olynyk's name is going to be a hot topic due to his talents and versatility, the Jazz should seriously hold off until Jan. 7, 2024, before making any moves involving Olynyk and guys like Kris Dunn.

If the Jazz play their better defenders, namely Dunn and Olynyk, more often, and the team can close the gap on .500 (if not pass the mark) by Jan. 7, 2024, then the Jazz should stay the course and make a push for the playoffs by retaining, maybe even re-signing Olynyk.

But why Jan. 7, 2024? That's when Jordan Clarkson becomes eligible to be traded, and a good date to mark in the calendar to "win by". If they're still struggling, blow the thing up and go into an actual rebuild. If they're closing in on or have surpassed the .500 mark, then deal Clarkson and Collins, and start re-signing guys like Lauri Markkanen and yes, even Collin Sexton.

The only way this team, who's known for their porous defense and high rate of turnovers, is going to get close to that mark is if they stay the course with Olynyk in the starting lineup.

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