Mikal Bridges proved why the Utah Jazz should be all in on him

We're pretty sure Mikal Bridges knew he was auditioning for the Utah Jazz.
Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets
Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz could use Mikal Bridges. And by "could use", we actually mean "in desperate need of, no applications needed". Despite that, Bridges gave the Jazz his application in the form of his 33-point demonstration against the Jazz. The crew from Salt Lake City got their butts kicked by Brides and the Nets, losing by, ironically enough, 33 points.

A big reason for the lopsided beating was Bridges going full beast mode against the poupous Jazz defense. He shot 12-24 from the floor, 6-12 from three, with three rebounds, four assists, and a box plus-minus score of, you guessed it, +33.

It feels like that movie that Jim Carrey did, the Number 23, but instead of it being him obsessed with a book, it's Bridges obsessed with inflicting harm on the Jazz in the form of the number 33. And honestly, we're fine with it. As long as he comes to Utah and starts dropping that kind of pain on everyone else's head.

The Jazz proved that they needed Bridges while facing him. While Simone Fontecchio did a solid job on defense, he couldn't respond to Bridges' bucket-getting abilities. Fontecchio just went 2-9 from the floor, struggling all night to get his shot to fall. He's been a solid addition to the rotation and starting lineup this year, but it's clear that the Jazz would be better off with him coming off the bench in relief, and getting an upgrade like Bridges.

Whether the Jazz are a real contender this year or not is irrelevant, the Nets are poised to make some moves and the Jazz have the assets to pull off a move. This is the perfect time to strike for a player that, at least for the Jazz and their needs, is perfect or them.

And he proved that all game long.

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