4 reasons why the Utah Jazz need to go after Mikal Bridges right now

The Utah Jazz need to go get Mikal Bridges to complete their starting five.
Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets
Utah Jazz v Brooklyn Nets / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz should make acquiring Mikal Bridges their top priority. It doesn't matter if the team is trading away assets to get better or trading away their better pieces to get more assets. Getting Bridges sets up the Utah Jazz for success this year and beyond, and needs to be the team's priority going forward.

So why go after Bridges? Well, let's break this down reason by reason.

Firstly, he plays the right position for the Jazz. He's a natural small forward, a position the Jazz need help with. Simone Fontecchio has been a great addition to the starting lineup but Jazz head coach Will Hardy doesn't have the same faith in him that maybe he deserves. He should be the team's third or fourth most-used player, but he's not. Fontecchio could probably up his usage as a role player off the bench playing 20+ minutes a game, allowing Bridges to formally upgrade the starting five.

Secondly, he's the perfect match of talents. He's a long defender, who on a better team is usually on the plus side of thing, while also being a skilled mid-range scorer, who won't tank an offense if he shoots at three too often. He's not a talented enough scorer to be a team's number one, but playing with Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen may see him unlock his next gear.

Thirdly, he fits the timeline. At 27 he's not super young anymore but he's right there with Lauri Markkanen (26) and Collin Sexton (25) when it comes to age, meaning he'd be able to help the team out the next few years as they try to compete for the playoffs and beyond.

Fourth and finally; his current team, the Brooklyn Nets isn't going anywhere. The Nets are dead in the water with this roster and they're not going to be any good any time soon. Trading their best player is the right call if they want to actually invest in the future of their franchise. Bridges is on a fair and moveable contract that would net them a pretty penny in return. So why not move him now while you can.

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