The Jazz get another steal in Kyle Filipowski, but what does that say about Lauri Markkanen's future?

The Jazz may have gotten another steal in Duke center Kyle Filipowski, but his skillset being similar to Lauri Markkanen could signal the end of the latter's time in Utah.
Duke v Houston
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There was already plenty of excitement about the Utah Jazz's draft results when they took Cody Williams and Isaiah Collier. Now they have may have struck gold again with Kyle Filipowski.

Among the biggest surprises from the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft was no one taking Filipowski in the first round. That's why it came as no surprise when he was taken almost immediately in the second round. Filipowski is a stretch big who has even admitted Markkanen's influence on his game.

Maybe it's a little too similar to the point where he could develop into a player similar to Markkanen's. Filipowski gives the Jazz another floor-stretching big man to develop, and with Markkanen's not-so-clear future with Utah a pressing topic, perhaps this selection signifies that Utah will move on from him.

Now, for the record, this is not meant to insinuate that Markkanen will be available right away. He's on an expiring and cheap contract, and the Jazz are in ample position to give him a hefty pay raise. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that the Jazz have no interest in moving him.

It has never been a bad thing to have two big men who can stretch the floor. Especially when you factor in Filipowski's impressive feel for the game. It's very possible that the Jazz may try to see what they have in both of them before doing anything drastic. And this is all banking on that Filipowski pans out, and that's far from a guarantee.

There have been no rumors indicating Markkanen will be available. Even with Filipowski on the team, there's no reason to think he might until further notice. However, his drafting could signify another Jazz man whose name has been floated in trade rumors lately.

It could further put Walker Kessler's Jazz future in doubt

Yahoo Sports! Jake Fischer revealed that teams around believe Kessler could be on the move this offseason.

"Rival teams believe Utah is willing to engage in trade talks that would part ways with Jazz second-year center Walker Kessler," Fischer wrote in a June 21 story.

One could deduce that this is probably the end of John Collins' time in Utah too, but A. that was already public information and B. no one wants anything to do with that contract.

As for Kessler, here's the gladd half-full take: this will serve as motivation for him to get his act together. The Jazz's latest selection signifies that they are serious about adding young frontcourt depth. Kessler's coming off a disappointing sophomore campaign, but that doesn't mean it's too late for him.

There's no pressure on Filipowski to thrive right away in Utah, but, depending on his development from here on out, all eyes will be on how his role could impact the future of the Jazz's frontcourt going forward.