Breaking Down the Utah Jazz new Mountain Rebrand

After two years of the highlighter yellow era, the Utah Jazz are starting to evolve into their new identity of purple, black, and mountain basketball.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

Utah Jazz fans, rejoice! In the third year of the yellow branding experiment, the Jazz have decided to move away (or at least start to) from the fans' least favorite eyesore. After the fallout of the Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert era in 2022, the Utah Jazz decided it was time for a new look. When the team unveiled the jerseys and branding, fans immediately expressed their discontent, and rightfully so.

Many called them the worst jerseys in sports, and it was hard to find someone who genuinely was happy with the team's color selection. The "purple is back" tagline that the organization used seemed like a slap in the face, as the amount of yellow heavily outweighed the purple. Now, it seems like the team is finally delivering on their promise.

When does the new Utah Jazz rebrand start?

Unfortunately for some, we still have one more year of seeing the yellow branding, as the Utah Jazz' website described this rebrand as an "evolution" starting in the 2024-2025 season. This means that we will have the Statement (yellow and black) and Association (white, black, and yellow) editions next year. Starting in 2025-2026, we will have an all-purple, white, black, and sky-blue outline look. We get two mountain rebrand jerseys next season: the new statement jersey that will be worn starting January 2025 and a city jersey. Here is the uniform lineup for next season:

The city jersey appears to be a mix of the old mountain jersey the team wore in the 90s and the new city jersey we got last season. The black statement jersey with mountains is new and unique, with both of these uniforms being a step in the right direction.

What jerseys will the team being wearing in 2025-2026?

Next season, the rebrand will officially be in full force. The new black statement jersey will return, with the city jersey like the one we got last year becoming the Icon edition. The 2025-2026 city jersey is still unknown, but we will be getting a white variation of the modern mountain jersey as our Association edition.

The rebrand integrates elements from the 2000s Jazz and the purple dear to everyone's heart. The baby blue returns, outlining the mountains and numbers of the jerseys, for a new popping look. As of right now, fans cannot purchase any of the new jerseys, but merchandise inspired by the rebrand has launched on the Utah Jazz store.

While it may not all be coming right away, this rebrand is great for the organization, and we believe they did a fantastic job. Hold on, Jazz fans, you only have to endure watching your team in yellow for one more season, but it will be worth it for what is coming.