As March Madness rolls on, who should the Utah Jazz be looking at in the draft?

There are a number of intriguing players to consider for the Jazz with their draft picks this year.
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#1 - Nikola Topic - KK Crvena Zvezda (Adriatic League) - 6'6" 198 lbs. Point Guard

Topic garnered attention early this year as a possible Top 3 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. Unfortunately, he has missed some time due to an injury. Still, he has been near the top of the Adriatic league in scoring and assists, as an 18-year-old, and is currently projected anywhere from 5th to 12th overall, making him attainable from the Jazz and a player to keep an eye on in the draft.

Topic shoots right-handed, but can finish with either hand, though he favors his left a bit more. He attacks from both sides of the court, and seems to have good speed for a 6'6" guard.

Having him in a 6th man role (assuming the Jazz move on from Jordan Clarkson) might be the best fit for him in Year One, while he acclimates to the NBA. His passing and skills would greatly benefit the Jazz 2nd unit, and allow him a nice adjustment. Perhaps he and Keyonte George could pair in the backcourt as well.

The Utah Jazz front office has a lot of work to do in the next 2 months before the draft. Their selections could be dealt for a higher pick, or perhaps in tandem with players to bring in more immediate roster help. Or they could go all-in and use the 3 picks, and look to clear some roster space for them in the 2024-25 season by making other moves in July.

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