A major Utah Jazz name is named as a potential trade block option this offseason

The Utah Jazz's Jordan Clarkson is still a major name, somehow, who could be traded.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

When we talk about the most disappointing players this season, Jordan Clarkson will likely top the list, he or Taylor Hendricks. Hendricks has struggled quite a bit as a rookie but some expected that. Though Top 10 picks shouldn't struggle as rookies, that's why they're taken so high. Still, he's a rookie, you can almost excuse it.

Clarkson? He's 31 years old and was seen in the eyes of many as a Top 100 player, at worst. Some had him much higher, and others had him as a potential Top 10 shooting guard. Many thought if the Utah Jazz were going to make a run at the playoffs, that Clarkson would be a huge factor in that.

Instead, Clarkson went from a potential top-10 shooting guard to one of the worst sixth-men in the league in a matter of months. He's shooting a career worse from the floor (41.7%), a career worse from three (29.6%), his second-worst season from a true-shooting perspective (52.4%), and is easily the worst defender on the team. His defensive box plus minus of -3.1 is the second worst on the team behind Johnny Juzang (-3.3) but as Clarkson has played far more minutes, his DBPM is seen as more accurate. Not only that but of everyone who has played a minimum of 500 minutes, Clarkson has the worst box plus-minus. His BPM is -4.3, the worst of the team for anyone who has played most of the season.

Despite him being a mess, and one of the worst players in the NBA, Bleacher Report, with their whole chest, said that he's going to be a player on the trade block this offseason. Now, he should be, but the idea that a winner is going to be so desperate to want to go out and trade for Clarkson is the part that we're not buying. He's a losing player. He doesn't add anything to a team anymore that you can't find in someone younger and eventually better.

Clarkson's scoring is beyond overrated, as he's become highly inefficient and a hindrance to the Jazz's desire to win, at least early in the season. He's not worth a draft pick at this moment and the only trade that makes sense is a contract swap where the player the Jazz gets back is on a one-year deal, and is wholly useless as a player otherwise. Aside from a move like that, the Jazz shouldn't expect to get anything back of value for Clarkson.