5 players to watch on the Jazz's summer league roster

Outside of what could be a loaded rookie class, the Jazz have multiple players whose summer league performance could decide their future in Utah and NBA.
Denver Nuggets v Utah Jazz
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4. Kyle Filipowski

Filipowski had one of the oddest drops the NBA has ever seen from a player who was invited into the green room. A floor-stretching big man who has a good feel for the game for his size, it remains puzzling that he fell all the way to the 32nd pick in the 2024 NBA Draft to the Jazz.

Players like those typically have a chip on their shoulder. They itch to prove that those who doubted them will rue the day they passed on guys like him from the very beginning. That typically starts with the summer league. This will be Filipowski's first chance to prove that the Jazz were right to take him when they had the chance and why those who didn't were dead wrong.

Expect Filipowski to come out strong to prove what he can do in the NBA from the get-go. Such play could make Jazz fans excited to see what he could do for the team long-term.