4 Reasons NCAA Tournament could affect the Utah Jazz beyond the obvious

The Utah Jazz may not have an early first-round draft pick this season, but that's no reason to think the NCAA Tournament can't affect the team.
Oklahoma State v Brigham Young
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Will any players improve their stock?

Our very own Calvin Barrett just published a new article looking at some players that the Jazz could use come the 2024 NBA Draft. It's a list worth checking out but it also goes hand in hand with the last reason why you should care bout the NCAA Tournament; prospects.

There are a lot of names to follow, maybe too many, but if you're paying attention you may just see some guys who could be Jazzmen by the end of July. There are nearly 700 players in this tournament, maybe even more, and considering the vast potential that talent pool creates, there's always the chance you're watching the next member of the Utah Jazz.

Right now, the Jazz have three picks in the 2024 NBA Draft, one in the second, one in the first, and another one potentially in the first, assuming they keep their pick come the NBA Draft Lottery. While the Jazz may end up picking a G-Leaguer or an international star, there's just as much likelihood they take one of the star players from one of the best college teams.

This tournament will go a long way in helping raise or drop expectations for any number of NBA hopefuls, and watching that journey is part of the fun.