3 players that Jazz fans should watch for in the NCAA Tournament

With March Madness starting this week, Jazz fans should make an effort to watch for these potential lottery picks.
Dalton Knecht fires a jumper against Alabama
Dalton Knecht fires a jumper against Alabama / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages
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The NCAA Tournament will be the focus of the basketball world for the next few weeks, and it's no mystery why. The best players and iconic blue-bloods will all be on display from now until April, each of them fighting for their lives in a win-or-go-home style of tournament to decide this year's National Champion.

College hoops are often overlooked by NBA fans, but all lines drawn between fandoms are erased for a short period of time to appreciate the basketball nirvana known as March Madness. For fans whose NBA team is fighting for draft lottery odds rather than a championship, looking at some of this upcoming draft class should get you excited about your team's future!

This is an odd draft class, as no frontrunner number-one pick is emerging from the pack to be the clear selection, and that means that so many players are being mocked in a wide range of picks. Most of the players that I'll be highlighting in this post are projected in a range of ten picks or more, so I'm taking a look at the most intriguing prospects that could fall in Utah's draft range (assuming they don't go on a hot streak and lose their lottery pick to OKC).

Utah is establishing the blueprint of a long-term championship contender, and this draft is strong for finding valuable role players. Pay close attention to March Madness, and you may discover a few players who could fit into Utah's plans perfectly. Here are some players with first-round potential that could be fascinating prospects for this upcoming draft.