4 Former Utah Jazz players the team can re-sign this summer

The Utah Jazz may want to look to the past to improve their future.
Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz
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The Utah Jazz are looking for help next season. They're hoping to land some major names in the draft and via some trades. The hope is that they can turn a team that could be a Play-In contender right now into an outright powerhouse. It really all depends on who they land in these trades if anyone, but they may end up needing some extra help despite potential trades on the horizon.

Some guys are going to be traded to bring in these (hopeful) superstars that Danny Ainge is "hunting" for, so that means there are going to be some open spots on the roster, and with it being very likely that the Jazz won't have a lot of money, they may need to bargain shop in free agency to fill out the roster.

If you're going to look for bit players who are looking to ring chase, you really don't need to look any further than your own alumni section. The Utah Jazz have more than six or seven viable alumni who are going to be free agents this offseason. They can go after these guys to bolster their lineup and make this team all the more formidable.

They don't need to be All-Star caliber players anymore, they just have to provide something necessary like passing, perimeter scoring, perimeter defense, or something of that ilk. Thankfully, we found a few guys who could help.