3 Former players that have excelled since leaving the Utah Jazz

These three Utah Jazz players have surprised everyone.
Jan 1, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Kris Dunn (11) drives around Dallas
Jan 1, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz guard Kris Dunn (11) drives around Dallas / Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports
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The Utah Jazz have let go of a lot of guys over the last few seasons. Not everyone who was let go was someone the team needed, admittedly, but a lot of them were super talented and could have been kept around to help stave off the losing the team is currently going through. The front office has decided that a tank was in order so players that were too good to help the team tank were traded away.

Others have left the team via free agency and have eventually found new homes. Not all of these players have found such success in their new homes. Jarred Vanderbilt is struggling with the Los Angeles Lakers, finding new ways to hinder the Lakers' offense on a nightly basis. His defense is still solid but his advanced metrics paint a picture of a player having the worst defensive season of his career.

He's not the only one struggling, Bojan Bogdanovic is now with the New York Knicks, after being traded by the Detroit Pistons at the deadline. and they're not using him to his full potential. He's gone from a 20-point per game scorer to a 10-point per game scorer and having his minutes slashed nearly in half. Gordan Hayward is also finding a reduction in his role after getting traded from the Charlotte Hornets to the Oklahoma City Thunder this trade deadline.

Others like Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are in the prime of their career still, with Gobert possibly the front-runner for the Defensive Player of the Year award and Mitchell a darkhorse candidate for the Most Valuable Player of the Year award.

Yet still, others like Joe Ingles are a year or two away from retirement and doing the best they can with what they have. So today we thought we were looking at three players who are having better seasons away from Utah than they had within.