3 players that are definitely not coming back next year for the Utah Jazz

It's time to say goodbye to these three players for good.
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Jordan Clarkson

Talen Horton-Tucker doesn't make a defense worse, but he does make an offense worse. Jordan Clarkson, on the other hand, actively makes both worse. He used to be a good offensive player, that shouldn't be in dispute. Yet, he's never been consistent enough to pull up and hit shots if he couldn't get around someone. He likes attacking the basket, yet as he's aged, he's slowed and because he's slowed, he's no longer the scorer he once was.

He's produced a career-worst field goal percentage with just a 41.3% success rate and a three-point success rate of 29.4%. In today's NBA, if you can't hit a three-point shot to save your life, you have to be better from inside the arc and Clarkson just isn't.

We'd like to see Clarkson revive his career elsewhere, and go on to be a major contributor to an NBA contender, we just don't see it happening. It's why we think moving Clarkson is a priority, regardless of the compensation that comes back. He's taking away minutes and opportunities from players, while actively handcuffing the defense with a flat-out bad defender.

The Jazz needed him to be better than he was, but a team like the Milwaukee Bucks or Los Angeles Lakers don't need him to be what he was, just what he is and so there may be a future for Clarkson playing 20 minutes a game off the bench for a better built team.