3 most disappointing players from the Utah Jazz this season

These three players disappointed us the most this season.
Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz
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The Utah Jazz's 2023-2024 season can only be described as a disappointment. The team was over .500 near the NBA Trade Deadline and could have had an outside shot at making the playoffs if not the Play-In Tournament at least. That didn't end up happening, as the Jazz opted to blow it all up and start anew in 2024 with a mostly new and younger roster.

Sadly, while many of us were and remain unhappy about the decision, it wasn't unexpected. While the team was over .500 at the time of the NBA Trade Deadline, they weren't so far over that going a different way didn't make sense. This was a team that ebbed and flowed all season and had high highs and low lows that marred it with the label of inconsistency.

Sadly, a lot of that inconsistency and streaky play fell on not just the Jazz's head coach Will Hardy, but on the players as well. Hardy contributed to it, playing guys for far longer stretches than they should have, especially since most of those players held back the team. Yet, the players didn't help things at all, with a good number of them having a bad or disappointing season when they weren't expected to.

Sure, we could talk about your Talen Horton-Tucker's or Keyonte George's, but Horton-Tucker was never seen as a viable option and George, as well as his fellow rookies, was never expected to help lead the team to victories this season.

So instead, we're looking at three players we expected more from but were disappointed by.