What are realistic trade expectations for John Collins and Jordan Clarkson?

The Utah Jazz are likely to try and trade John Collins and Jordan Clarkson this offseason but what can they get back?
Mar 4, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz forward/center John Collins (20) helps guard
Mar 4, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz forward/center John Collins (20) helps guard / Christopher Creveling-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz are surely looking to move some players this upcoming offseason. Anyone who isn't grasping the system is too old, or too expensive is likely to be dealt for whatever the Utah Jazz can get. The chief two names most likely to be traded are Jordan Clarkson and John Collins.

Both players have fizzled out for the Jazz this season, with Clarkson being largely unreliable as a sixth man, having great scoring nights one night and terrible shooting nights the next. All is highlighted by his lack of any actual defense. Collins, same thing. While he's a better shooter this season, he's not so consistent you can rely on him for big nights multiple times in a week, let alone a month. Plus his defense is almost as bad as Clarkson's.

Neither is on a cheap contract and both have shown to be liabilities for teams who need them to be in their top five best players. A team looking for an eight guy off the bench would do well to acquire them, but that's not likely to happen, as their contracts will likely limit any move for them. This means that their poor play and contract have seemingly handcuffed the Jazz in any future deals.

So what are realistic options for these two players? Likely, not much. If the Jazz decides they want to trade for a star player on a team about to blow things up, Clarkson and Collins will have the most value, but that's only because any trade will see draft picks and maybe a few young players attached to the said deal. That's ultimately where Collins and Clarkson have the most value, in a trade that involves massive contracts.

If you're trying to wholesale them for picks, they may each get you a second-round pick, if you're lucky. Anything more than that is a pipe dream. There are even some fans who think Collins would have to be traded with a pick to get another team to take him. If that's the case, then it's likely Collins isn't going anywhere.

Regardless, the only thing more playing time will do for both men is ruin whatever value they have left, so that's something to look forward to.