This year’s NBA City Edition Jersey’s leaves a lot to be desired; unless you’re a fan of the Utah Jazz

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The Utah Jazz did what few could do and turned out a great City Edition Jersey.

The Utah Jazz are hoping to have a major season ahead of them, with their sights set squarely on the 2023-2024 postseason. They have the perfect combination of rookies, young talent about to hit their prime, guys who are early in their prime, and older talent still capable of having great years. It seems like the only way is up. And they’ll be moving that way in style.

The NBA revealed the City Edition Jerseys this week, and while they were leaked some time ago, we now know for sure what everyone has to work with this year, and surprise, surprise, the Jazz have the best jerseys going.

At least according to one SB Nation article. While the article doesn’t award anyone with an “S-tier” ranking, the writer does give the Jazz the top spot for the “A-tier”. Which is fair.

The Jazz’s City Edition jerseys capture the magic of those iconic purple jerseys from the 1990s while updating them to look more modern. The combination works on a level unseen in recent years from the Jazz’s offerings, and it somehow gives fans a new look and cashes in on the nostalgia factor.

The Jazz clearly won this season, but in a sort of ironic twist, the Cleveland Cavaliers are right there with them. The Jazz and Cavs keep making history together. Whether it’s with some free agent scandal or a silly amount of trades that the teams keep making with one another, the two squads seemed locked to go through life together.

As for the jerseys we most liked, aside from the obvious, we’re going with the Charlotte Hornets and the Sacramento Kings. Those are stellar and while they aren’t on the Jazz’s level, they deserve to be a bit higher.

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