Utah Jazz: 5 best memories in the City Edition uniforms

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Utah Jazz

Ricky Rubio, Utah Jazz. (Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images)

This season, whether it continues or not, is the last year in which the Utah Jazz will wear their first ever City Edition uniforms. Plenty of memories have been gathered in the jerseys, but here are the five best.

When the Utah Jazz revealed their City Edition uniforms back in late 2017, I don’t think we expected them to be so successful to the point where they wear them three years in a row. Yet, here we are. Most NBA teams get a new City Edition uniform year-to-year.

The general consensus was that the fans adored the alternate court they played on when wearing the jerseys. The jerseys themselves had to grow on some fans, but overall it was a pretty positive reception once revealed.

They ended up selling out fast. Fans grew to love them so much to the point where an online petition was started for Nike and the NBA to sell more and more of them.

The City Edition uniforms represented Utah’s red rock formations throughout southern Utah, hence why the color way was all the way from gold to burgundy. It is also the only jersey the Jazz have that has the word Utah across the chest.

That, to me, is important in any jersey. You want to represent the state/city in which you play for.

Plenty of memories have been gathered over the last three years of wearing these uniforms, but I’ve chosen the five best to focus on. Let’s take a look!

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