Bleacher Report names the 3 players the Utah Jazz should trade for

Utah Jazz, Damian Lillard, Kelly Olynyk. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports
Utah Jazz, Damian Lillard, Kelly Olynyk. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports /

Bleacher Report is suggesting the Utah Jazz pursue these three players in the trade market.

The Utah Jazz could conceivably make a big move this year. They have the spare assets to do so and can do a major trade without impacting their future plans. They have the expiring contracts right now to take a big contract back as part of the deal, and with Salt Lake City not being a major free-agent destination, a trade is the best way for the Jazz to acquire someone.

The stars are aligning for a major trade to happen. They have a stacked front-court with Lauri Markkanen, John Collins, and Walker Kessler; and depth at the guards to the point they could package some in the deal for a huge name.

There has never been a better time for the Jazz to make a trade, and so it’s rather serendipitous that the Jazz are part of a new Bleacher Report article, where every one of the 30 teams in the league was given a list of three names that they should trade for.

The writer of the article, Zach Buckley, sticks to conventional wisdom with the Jazz, and only gives them the three same names we’ve heard all summer long; Damian Lillard, Tyler Herro, and O.G. Anunoby.

"Trade targets: Damian Lillard, Tyler Herro, O.G. AnunobyWhen the Jazz shipped off both Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert last summer, they probably didn’t plan on being positioned to potentially trade for a star just one year later. But after exceeding expectations in important ways last season—Lauri Markkanen emerging as an All-Star, Walker Kessler becoming a centerpiece, Ochai Agbaji settling into a three-and-D role—Utah can dare to dream big, if it wants.The Jazz landed so many picks in the Mitchell and Gobert trades that they could build an offer for Dame around draft considerations while barely denting the collection. Salt Lake City obviously isn’t his first choice for a post-Portland home, but he did attend college in Utah (Weber State) and should see the merits of joining a team with the Jazz’s combination of in-house talent and trade flexibility.If Utah isn’t quite ready for that much win-now pressure, it could still help facilitate a Lillard trade as the third team that routes picks to Portland to add Herro. It isn’t often you can maybe get a discount on a 6’5″, 23-year-old who has: averaged 20 points in consecutive seasons, showed promise as a live-dribble passer and made big shots in the Finals. Or the Jazz could bully their way into the Anunoby sweepstakes and offer more picks than the Raptors could refuse."

Of all three names, the one that makes the most sense is Herro. He’s the only one of the three who is constantly making big leaps from year to year and is still young enough to fit with the Jazz’s timeline. Not to mention isn’t injury-plagued either.

Anunoby is someone we’d love to see on the Jazz, but not for the prices that he is commanding in trade suggestions. He’s a fifth starter on a team, not an All-Star, and so it makes no sense to pay All-Star prices for him. As for Lillard, five years ago you made the trade and did whatever it took to make it.

He’s 33, however. He’s leaving his prime and in three to five years, will likely be out of the NBA. The price tag for him is too high to even think about. If it was a situation of a first-round pick and matching contracts, sure, you think about making thee trade.

But the Trail Blazers are really holding onto the idea that they can milk someone, who is arguably no longer in his prime, like he were the reigning MVP. The Herro trade makes the most sense due to the fact he’d be had for a reasonable amount and unlike the other two who are battling age and injuries, Herro has an untapped upside.

But even if he doesn’t improve any more than how he is right now, how he is right now is still very good.

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