Utah Jazz: 4 way-too-early midseason buyout candidates

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Utah Jazz
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The NBA’s annual midseason buyout frenzy has been a cause for concern for some NBA fans and observers, but unless rules are implemented to make changes, contending teams like the Utah Jazz stand to benefit from it. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity for solid veterans on rebuilding teams to find more appropriate employers. The Jazz, in spite of their tremendous depth and talent, may be looking for avenues towards improvement by the time teams are looking to reroute the unneeded players they were unable to trade.

As of today’s date, it is far too early for any NBA front office to be seriously considering the buyout market. For example, if the Utah Jazz are once again the best team in the NBA by record once the trade deadline passes, they may decide that any one of these players poses too serious a risk to their chemistry to add to Quin Snyder’s rotation.

On the other hand, it’s never too early for the J-Notes to look ahead. Any one of the following five players, on paper, makes the Jazz a more formidable squad. Each of the players in this article is either a veteran on a rebuilding team, or a veteran on a contending team that has some potential to implode this season.

Far be it from us to wish ill on another franchise, but, a Damian Lillard trade request could benefit the Utah Jazz in more ways than one.

Even if Dame decides to stay put in Portland, possibilities remain endless in the throws of the NBA offseason. Here are four players the Utah Jazz may end up considering as 2021-22 buyout candidates.