Utah Jazz: Reacting to every player on the roster’s NBA 2K22 rating

Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20)
Utah Jazz part owner Dwyane Wade and Ronnie 2K (John Sciulli/Getty Images for NBA 2K20) /
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Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz (Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports) /

The last time we talked about NBA 2K22 at the J-Notes, we were predicting ratings for every starter on the Utah Jazz. Now, the game has arrived, and it’s time to react to the ratings the Jazzmen received. This time, we’re touching on every player on the Jazz roster. 

As we’ve established, players care about their 2K ratings. It makes sense: if a recognized authority released a numeric value for everyone in your field of employment, you’d surely prefer to be a 90 overall Executive Assistant too. On the other hand, 2K player ratings are living organisms. A strong couple of weeks of real-life NBA action can easily boost a 77 overall player into the 80s. The initial ratings are merely the ratings the players begin the year with.

Some of these guys will receive precious few opportunities to improve their NBA stock, and in turn, their 2K rating. Others will see their rating in constant flux throughout the season. As life imitates art, in sports, life imitates video games.

Here’s hoping that any Utah Jazz players who feel slighted by their rating are motivated to perfect their craft, even if some observers would prefer that motivation came from non-virtual factors. In the meantime, here’s a look at where every member of the roster starts out the year with their NBA 2K22 rating, from the lowest to highest rated player on the roster.