Utah Jazz: Predicting every starter’s NBA 2K22 rating

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At no point in NBA history have video games factored more prevalently in the discourse around NBA players than right now. Whether one likes it or not, the 2K player rating represents a wholesale evaluation of a player, so it’s no surprise that players on the Utah Jazz and beyond are invested in what their magic number ends up being.

To some, it may feel a little silly. To others, the game itself is too close to an actual basketball simulation not to take seriously. No matter where one stands, there are countless examples of players caring about their 2K rating.

Like, seriously, a lot of examples.

Ultimately, if players want to improve their 2K rating, they’ll have to improve their game. So maybe it’s a good thing. Any incentive to improve should be welcomed by players, teams, and fans alike.

Here’s where we project each member of the Utah Jazz’s projected starting five to land upon the upcoming release of NBA 2K22.