Utah Jazz: Quin Snyder, not so evil, looks much calmer in his kitchen

A quarantined Quin Snyder doesn’t look quite as stressed in his kitchen compared to his days (which seem so long ago) pacing the sideline for the Utah Jazz.

During his six seasons with the Utah Jazz, fans have grown accustomed to seeing an incredibly intense Quin Snyder on the sidelines, often barking orders at his players, yelling at the officials, or sending a wicked-frightening scowl the way of the camera.

His passion and intensity are one of the many reasons why we do love Quin. He often gets compared to a mad scientist, or perhaps an axe murderer, but he’s an extremely friendly man who gets the best out of his players.

With the 2019-20 season suspended, Snyder has been, like the rest of us, stuck at home. During his time away from the game that he has both played and coached, the Utah Jazz Head Coach gave fans a small inside look into his personal life.

In a video uploaded to the Utah Jazz’s official YouTube channel, Snyder showed fans how to make Oreo-crust ice cream pie, a dish that his mother used to make for him and his brothers while growing up.

We don’t often get to see this side of Quin Snyder. The t-shirt and shorts combination, the smiling at the camera — who needs suits and evil scowls when you can just stay at home and make some pie?

It was a very enjoyable video to watch, especially with the continued absence of NBA basketball. It also made me want to run to the store and pick up the necessary ingredients to make this bad boy myself.

During the NBA’s HORSE Tournament, which was won by Mike Conley, Quin Snyder made a brief appearance from his home. The 53-year-old shocked fans with his unshaven face, untamed hair, and stylish frames.

Can we get more Quin Snyder during this difficult time? Please? He’s one of the best coaches in the entire league and is opening up off the court right before our eyes. I’ve come to love that man just as much as any of the players.

In my opinion, Quin Snyder will be the Head Coach of the Utah Jazz for as long as he wants to be. His job appears to be as stable as ever, so fans can rest well at night knowing that he will likely be in Utah for a long time.

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