Utah Jazz quiet at Trade Deadline, to get noisy in buyout market?

The NBA’s Trade Deadline has passed, and the Utah Jazz did not make a move. They may, however, have some buyout plans on their minds.

While other teams endured the chaos of the Trade Deadline, the Utah Jazz weren’t nearly as aggressive, ending the day with zero roster moves, which should have been expected all along.

The Jazz simply don’t have the assets that other teams possess, and already made a key roster change earlier this season by adding Jordan Clarkson from the Cavaliers. While many fans would have liked to seen a deal, it just wasn’t realistic.

They could add to their roster via a different route, though. According to Tony Jones of The Athletic, the Utah Jazz are expected to search for upgrades in the buyout market.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean the Jazz are going to make a move. The projected buyout market doesn’t look very appealing, and they aren’t going to simply sign a player just to sign a player. They are searching for someone that can legitimately help them towards their quest to win an NBA Championship.

If the Jazz don’t end up adding anyone, that’s fine with me. Utah is struggling right now, there’s no doubt about it, but I still believe that this roster can make a deep playoff run and contend with the best in the Western Conference.

Is there anyone that they could have traded for that would be a game-changing move? Probably not. Is there anyone in the buyout market that would be a game-changing move? Probably not, especially considering Cleveland is likely to hang on to Tristan Thompson.

If the Jazz made a trade prior to the deadline, it likely would have been something small. I liked the idea of potentially adding another center, but continuing forward with Tony Bradley and Ed Davis was always an option, as I noted here.

We’ll see how active the Jazz are in the buyout market, but I’m personally not expecting much. The core is in place for the Jazz going into the second half of the regular season/playoffs, so how far they go is up to them.

The Utah Jazz have a record of 32-18, good for fifth in the Western Conference. They’ll look to get back on track with a win against the Trail Blazers tomorrow night.

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How do you feel about the Utah Jazz standing pat at the Trade Deadline? Which player would you like to see the Utah Jazz go after in the buyout market? Let us know in the comment section below!

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