Utah Jazz: Vivint Smart Home Arena Will Say Goodbye to Iconic Green Seats

The Utah Jazz announced today that part of the extensive renovations to Vivint Smart Home Arena will include the installment of new navy blue cushioned seats throughout the arena.

At fourth place in the Western Conference and in the midst of a heated playoff race, there’s plenty to talk about on the court regarding the Utah Jazz. Who’s the team’s most favorable first-round playoff match-up? Will Rudy Gobert win DPOY? Will Derrick Favors and Rodney Hood (listed as out and questionable for tonight’s contest, respectively) EVER get healthy?

These are all valid points of debate and exciting topics to consider. But how about we step back for once and discuss some news taking place off the court, namely, the end of the iconic bright green seats currently filling Vivint Smart Home Arena.

The Utah Jazz announced today that as part of the stadium’s upcoming renovations, those plastic green seats will be removed throughout the arena and replaced with navy blue cushioned seats. As stated on the official Utah Jazz website:

Utah Jazz fans will experience new fully upholstered, plush back and contour foam seats throughout the building, replacing the green plastic chairs in place since the building opened in 1991, when renovations of the premier sports and entertainment venue in the Intermountain West are completed this fall.
Designed for style and comfort, the new seats will be Jazz navy blue with a blue/black nylon weaved fabric. The fixed seating areas will feature chairs with armrests and cup holders. The sliding telescopic seat platforms around the court are engineered for safety and performance.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the move. The comfortable cushioned seats will undoubtedly be a nice touch and are the way that sports venues are headed these days. But more than anything, I’m ecstatic about the color change.

Although green is currently one of Utah’s team colors, the shade of the seats in Vivint Smart Home Arena doesn’t exactly match the team’s correct shade of green and to be perfectly honest, they can be a bit of an eyesore at times. Not to mention, in games that aren’t all that well attended or early in games as fans are still making their way to their seats, the empty green chairs tend to stick out like sore thumbs.

That appearance of a perceived empty stadium certainly isn’t a good look for the Jazz, nor is it an accurate one. The Jazz are currently sixth in the league this season in average attendance per game at 19,660. However, the vacant green seats are hard to miss and as such have the tendency to create an impression that the building isn’t nearly as full as it could be.


The addition of a more subtle and, quite honestly, fitting color for the seats should help to patch up this issue significantly. Plus besides, when people think of the Jazz, their primary navy blue color is usually the first that comes to mind, so it simply makes sense.

Sure, there may be some folks who are disappointed about removing the green seats that have become the traditional and iconic appearance of the former Energy Solutions Arena and Delta Center, but the fact of the matter is that this is without a doubt a necessary and positive enhancement.

As team president Steve Starks said:

“While we will all miss the green seats, these new cushioned Jazz blue chairs will provide our guests an upgraded experience as they attend Jazz games, concerts and other events in the arena.”

He was seconded by Steve Miller who along with being the Vice Chairman of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is also the chairman of the arena renovation committee:

“One of our priorities in determining the top-to-bottom improvements has been to make changes that will benefit everyone. The upgraded seats will be for all our guests to enjoy. We have the best and most loyal fans in the NBA and we want to treat them that way.”

The new seats should be an excellent addition and will be part of many exciting improvements coming to Vivint Smart Home Arena next season. Also, the old green seats won’t go to waste as according to the Utah Jazz Twitter account, many of them will be offered to season ticket holders who renew their season tickets as a keepsake and show of appreciation.

This is undoubtedly an exciting time to be a Jazz fan. Not only is the team playing the best it has in over half a decade, but the organization’s investment in both the players’ success and the enjoyment of the fans is astounding.

As the team continues to get better (cross your fingers that the offseason and free agency both go our way!) and the fan experience within the arena continues to improve, you can bet that the Utah Jazz are well on their way towards significant long-term success.