Utah Jazz Receive New Look With Refreshed Brand Identity


The Utah Jazz announced a refreshed brand identity today with new uniforms and an updated court and logo system.

After a promising 2015-16 campaign, Utah Jazz fans should be excited about the future. Next season will see the return of a (hopefully) healthy Dante Exum. There’s a possibility that the team will make some impactful moves over the offseason. The tone and attitude portrayed in Gordon Hayward’s latest blog post is enough to make anyone feel stoked about what lies ahead.

But Thursday’s announcement from the Utah Jazz might just bring us the number one thing to be excited about next year–watching our favorite team play in awesome new uniforms!

While I’m being slightly facetious, the new look for the Jazz really is pretty dang cool and something to be excited about. As part of a refreshed brand identity, the Jazz presented new uniforms, a new court and an updated logo system for the 2016-17 season. For a full look, check out this link here.

As general excitement for this up and coming team grows, it’s cool to see the organization giving fans more reasons to get excited. The switch to the blue, green and gold a few years back has been a good look for this Utah squad and today’s announcement about the updated jerseys and logos is another step forward. While I’m sure that everyone is bound to have mixed feelings on each new piece, here are my overall thoughts.

The logos all look pretty familiar with each one featuring the traditional tri-colored ball. The primary logo features the word “Utah” in updated text above the two Z’s. The new secondary logo is the most unique as it features a ring around the tri-colored ball with text that reads “Utah Jazz Basketball” The new logos look great and the iconic Jazz J-Note did not need much adjusting. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have zero issues with the new logo updates.

The Home and Road Uniforms aren’t extremely different, but they look 100% sharp. The updated numbers look a lot less blah and I absolutely love the stripe pattern underneath the arms and on the side of the shorts. The tri-colored ball logo on the front of the shorts is a nice touch as well.

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The Alternate Road Uniform is pretty similar in its design aside from obviously being green and having UTAH printed across the front rather than the Utah Jazz logo. The “UTAH” text looks solid and is a new way to proudly display the Jazz as one of the few teams to be named after the entire state rather than just the city (Minnesota, Indiana and New York are the only others).

The Pride Alternate Uniform brings the Jazz into the formerly uncharted waters of sleeved jerseys. The Warriors, Thunder, Clippers and Cavs have all been seen rocking this style lately, so if you want to compete with the best you have to dress like the best, right?

Sleeve style superstition aside, this jersey has a smooth, unique look that should please Jazz fans who might be sick of the lack of variety in Jazz uniforms over the past few years. The J-Note logo up top alongside the number is a nice touch as well. Overall, the new uniforms definitely deserve high marks.

The biggest updates to the court include the painted area inside the key going from green to navy,  the updated Utah Jazz text behind each baseline, the addition of the J-Note logo on each end, the new Utah Jazz Basketball secondary logo on each baseline and obviously the tri-colored ball logo at mid-court.

While I love the new paint color and the addition of the secondary logos, my one gripe is with mid-court. Others might disagree with me, but while I think the tri-colored ball is cool, I’d love to have some form of the words “Utah” or “Jazz” displayed large at center court.

A lot of teams, such as the Hawks, Raptors and Pacers, go with a circular logo on the half-court line and while I think it’s a sharp and clean look, I personally would have preferred to see something like the new secondary logo with the “Utah Jazz Basketball” text at mid-court. Nevertheless, overall the new court does a great job of implementing the new logos and matching up the slick new look with the uniforms the players will be sporting.

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While in reality this update isn’t a drastic change by any means, it’s something fresh and new that highlights the beloved and traditional Jazz note logo. The release of this refreshed identity will surely help Jazz fans make it through the long, hard summer months in anticipation for big things ahead in the 2016-17 season.

What are your thoughts on the new look? I’d love to hear them. Comment below or hit me up on Twitter!