Rudy Gobert Brings The Fire Online Too


If you haven’t visited Rudy Gobert’s Twitter timeline, then you’re missing out. The man doesn’t hold back on social media. And he’s no early Enes Kanter who some theorized was censored by Utah Jazz PR (but appeared rather to be censored by his family back home in Turkey who didn’t take kindly to his antics) and now tweets nothing but nondescript nonsense altogether.

He had one gaffe the Jazz thought was in bad taste during the All-Star Game and he deleted it. See it here. Other than that, it’s been smooth sailing for the man who brings the fire on the court, online and on Mario Kart vs. his Jazz teammates.

Just look at this:

For those of you who don’t speak French, the intial tweet insinuates that the Stifle Tower used performance-enhancing drugs to increase his vertical. Gobert, however, had other ideas about his physical improvement. His response roughly translates to “Or just work. Do you know what that is?”

Have you ever seen a Jazzman this candid with the media? Oh wait–the Mailman always brought his a game when talking to the media, but the man NEVER TWEETS! @mamail help us out! We need to get a live tweet session with the Mailman going. I’m sure Jazz fans would love that.

Jan 21, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert (27) grabs a rebound between Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving (2) and center Timofey Mozgov (20) in the fourth quarter at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The next two tweets give us great insight into some things Rudy values in a player. He loves that Timofey Mozgov isn’t flashy; he just goes to work and does his job. You know what you’re getting from Mozgov, who Rudy faced a few times while Mozgov was with the Denver Nuggets and once since joining the Cavaliers.

Rudy and Mozgov will surely face off again in 2015-16 when the Jazz battle and bruise LeBron James at home as they seem to do every year. The refs can’t save you LeBron! With Mozgov in the lineup this time, maybe you’ll have a better option than hoping they will bail you out with a phantom foul on Derrick Favors.

Rudy, thank you for giving us a taste of things to come. We thought we’d be getting less information from P3, but this amazing Frenchman loves his fans and gave us a great teaser for what lies in store.

I can’t help but enjoy his takes on the Jazz getting shut out of any defensive awards. They make you wonder how much harder he’s going to play and if opponents will be able to average more than 70 points per game…

I think we all know Rudy is number 27 for a reason. He never wanted to forget how far 26 teams let him slide before he was selected by the Nuggets… whoops, I mean the Jazz. David Locke recently said in his podcast with Kevin Pelton that when he heard Gobert was the pick he knew instantly the Jazz had traded up for him.

Let’s end this thing by saying Rudy really does love his fans. He gave McCabe a Twitter shout-out (if you know McCabe on Twitter, you know that wasn’t enough–he also wanted Rudy at his graduation) and I take every opportunity to let McCabe know he should be thankful for the shout-out by trolling him about his unfulfilled dream of having Rudy be his BFF. So without further ado, happy birthday to Rudy Gobert and McCabe Pearson! Have a good one fellas!

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