Joe Ingles Gets New Tattoo, Still Wears Hole’y Jeans


In an Australian news interview, Joe Ingles shows off his new tattoo. Oh, and hole’y jeans

Back home Down Under, after a hectic rookie NBA season with the Utah Jazz, Joe Ingles joined Australia’s Nine’s Wide World of Sports for a short spot recapping his wild ride in his own words.

Dubbing him “Big Jumpin’ Joe Ingles,” the hosts ask him about his experience among the elite of the game of basketball in Utah, Ingles going on to infer that he prefers the nickname David Locke, the Radio Voice of the Utah Jazz, gave him: “Slo Mo” Joe Ingles.

Yep, you’re stuck with the apt nick now, Joe, apt because the 6’8″ Aussie is deceptively smooth when making moves on a basketball court, slipping and sliding his way to the rim, or in finding a teammate to dish off to after drawing in a defense or creating space for that southpaw slingshot jumper of his.

"“I remember at the start of the year, sitting on the bench sometimes and looking around like, ‘It’s really happening.’ I took a bit of a different path than a lot of the players and finally got there after about seven years! I loved every moment of it.I dunno where they got ‘Big’ or ‘Jumpin,” ’cause I can’t jump and I’m not very big! I had ‘Slo Mo Joe,’ which is probably the most appropriate one ’cause I’m not very quick according to the commentators.”–Joe Ingles to Nine’s Wide World of Sports"

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Joe Ingles says he’s only watched the NBA “until five or six years ago, really,” not having pay television, the only way to get the broadcasts in Australia at the time.

He also says Carmelo Anthony was the toughest player for him to cover this last season and says if he had to pick one player to play with it would be fellow Australian Andrew Bogut.

He’ll skip FIBA play this summer for the first time, Ingles citing wear and tear for not accompanying his Aussie Boomers ‘mates. The sneaky-funny Aussie baller is also getting married to fellow Aussie hoop’er, netballer Renae Hallinan in August, about the time FIBA play tips off.

"Ingles’ decision to skip the two-game set, which serves as the qualifier for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, was not made lightly. Australian coach Andrej Lemanis, the national team’s doctors, Jazz medical personal and his fiancée—netballer Renae Hallinan—were all consulted in the process.–Ryan Aston, The J Notes"

Talk turns to Joe Ingles’ new ink, a new tattoo with the name of his soon-to-be wife Renae, on his wrist.

One can’t help but notice that scruffy Joe Ingles also wore jeans with holes in them to a television interview. Never change, Joe.

You can watch the entire entertaining interview with Joe Ingles here

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