JP Gibson’s New Brother May Have Health Problem


Clockwise from laft: Megan, Josh, Theo, Elsie and JP Gibson – Used by permission from Josh Gibson

As we learned a few days ago, preseason Utah Jazz star JP Gibson got a new baby brother he can’t wait to play with.

Update: The JP5K charity run reached it’s goal, and some. The goal was to raise a dollar for every day of chemotherapy JP Gibson had to endure, 1,162 days of it. The Gibsons raised $1223.71 toward cancer research, with another event in Sugarhouse, Utah in September (follow link above to help out)

"THANK YOU for your support of the JP5k and Fun Run! We raised $1,223.71 for pediatric cancer research!–Megan Gibson"

However, before the 5K charity run, two-week-old Theo Gibson began bleeding and didn’t stop.

"It’s been quite a weekend for us. Amid the bell ringing and end of chemo celebrations for JP, we had Theo circumcised. Late Friday night it started bleeding pretty badly. Josh and I left the 5k Saturday morning as soon as it was mostly over and took him to Primary Childrens ER.They rushed him back, there was a little panic and confusion where they mixed up some of his numbers and they called in the trauma team to administer emergency blood. After 6 nurses attempted to get an IV going they finally were able to place one in his scalp and his foot. He still needed blood but not as urgently as they initially thought. They advised that a hematology/oncology doctor was on his way to speak with us."

After everything Josh, Megan and JP Gibson had just been through for three excruciating years, I cannot even comprehend the terror this must have wrought.

"Josh and I cried in the ER as we flashed back to when JP was diagnosed.They were able to get him stable enough to wait for a more perfect donor match and he was given two blood transfusions. They admitted him to the ICS unit – the same place we had spent so many nights with JP – and I told them no. I was not going to let a second child be admitted to ICS."

JP Gibson’s new little brothr, Theo Gibson, with mother Megan Gibson – Used by permission from Josh Gibson

"They assured me they take care of cancer kids AND hematology kids in that unit and when we got to our room our nurse was one we’ve had with JP and his chemo over the last 3 years. It was emotionally draining. How could this be happening? We knew it was not cancer but it was eerily similar to when JP was diagnosed. A kind of déjà vu we never wanted to experience.He probably has some type of blood disorder where he can not clot his own blood or it could also be a liver issue. We will explore more once his little body has had time to recover from the traumatic weekend and hopefully once he has gained some weight.–Megan Gibson"

Josh tells me little Theo is “currently doing good,” and more blood work will be done in about a month to attempt to discern what might be happening in JP Gibson’s favorite little brother’s brand new body.

In the meantime, the Gibsons ask that you keep Theo in your thoughts and prayers.

"Prayers are appreciated, we know that’s the only reason we were able to hold ourselves together even if we barely did that. We just like to keep things interesting I suppose!"

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