By The Numbers: Utah Jazz 2014-15 Stats, Part I (Team Stats)


Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve said before that I’m a numbers guy. That hasn’t changed. Since a couple of weeks have passed since the season ended (even though it feels more like a couple of months), let’s review some of the Utah Jazz 2014-15 stats, with the focus being on team stats.

The Basics (Traditional Stats)

Overall Record: 38-44 (3rd in the Northwest Division, 11th in the Western Conference)

Home Record: 21-20

Road Record: 17-24

Points Scored: 7,801 (26th of 30)

Assists: 1,632 (29th of 30)

Total Rebounds: 3,605 (11th of 30)

Blocks: 489 (3rd of 30)

Steals: 623 (16th of 30)

FG%: 44.7% (18th of 30)

FT%: 72.1% (26th of 30)

3P FG%: 34.3% (19th of 30)

The Not-So-Basics (Advanced Stats)

Pace (possessions per 48 minutes): 92.78 (30th of 30)

Offensive Rating (points scored per 100 possessions): 102.5 (16th of 30)

Defensive Rating (opponent points scored per 100 possessions): 102.1 (14th of 30)

Net Rating (offensive rating minus defensive rating): 0.5  (16th of 30)

Assist Percentage (percentage of field goals that were assisted): 56.3% (23rd of 30)

Rebound Percentage (percentage of total rebounds obtained): 52.8% (1st of 30)

Effective FG% (FG% adjusted for 3-pointers being worth 1.5 times more than a 2-pointer): 49.4% (15th of 30)

True Shooting% (adjusts FG% to include value of 3-pointers and free throws): 53.1% (18th of 30)

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The Rest (Miscellaneous)

Number of Rudy Gobert Salutes: At least 4 that I can think of, including 1 from the bench

Fast Break Points: 997 (17th of 30)

Points in the Paint: 3,412 (17th of 30)

2nd Chance Points: 1,240 (2nd of 30)

Total Number Of Lineups That Played at Least 48 Minutes Together: 19

Number of Players To Appear in a Game: 22 (Note: This ties the 1974-75 New Orleans Jazz for the franchise record)

Number of Players To That Played in All 82 Games: 2 (Dante Exum and Rudy Gobert)

Number of Rookies To Play For The Jazz At Least Once: 9 (7 of whom were on the end-of-season roster)

Home Attendance: 772,059 (10th of 30)

Home % of Capacity: 94.6% (16th of 30)


The most room for improvement lies on the offensive end. Two things that stick out to me are the are poor league ranks in FT% and Assist%. There were multiple losses over the course of the season in which the Jazz missed enough FTs to cost themselves game. Regarding the assist percentage, the Jazz need to keep working at getting quality looks.

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They lived by Coach Snyder’s “Play With A Pass.” The Jazz need to shoot the ball better in general as well—they were right in the middle or in the bottom half of the league in those categories.

Is there room for improvement on defense? Absolutely. Even though the Jazz had a sensational defensive rating after the All-Star break (94.8, 1st of 30), they need to show they can do it over the course of an entire season. As there will be some inevitable personnel changes, the coaching staff and returning players will need to mesh with the new players to build on the strong finish this season.

Finally, it’s impressive that the Jazz did so well with the revolving door bringing in and sending away D-League players all year. As noted above, the only other season that saw 22 players get in at least one game for the Jazz was 1974-75, the first year in franchise history. I view this as a sign of great work from the coaching staff.

Feel free to comment away on anything from this post,  other team stats of interest, or if a correction is needed on the number of Rudy Salutes.