Could Utah Jazz Draft Frank Kaminsky?


Apr 6, 2015; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Wisconsin Badgers forward Frank Kaminsky (44) reacts after scoring and fouled by Duke Blue Devils center Jahlil Okafor (15) during the first half in the 2015 NCAA Men

Utah Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey and Vice President of Basketball Operations Walt Perrin have both mentioned in recent interviews that they desire “shooters” to supplement the roster this summer, when asked what Utah needs to shore up in the team building process. Could Frank Kaminsky fit the bill?

In addition to Lindsey and Perrin’s comments, Jazz insider David Locke has said Quin Snyder desires a stretch-4, that is, a big man that can hit the three, stretching out an opposing defense.

The Utah Jazz are one of the best rebounding teams in the NBA already, and sport the best defense since the All-Star break by five points better than the next best. It makes sense that an offense that’s 19th in both overall field goal percent and three-point percent would wish to make a leap forward and solidify their bench scoring ails.

Perrin has spent a good amount of time in Europe lately evaluating if Ante Tomic — something of an offensive version of Rudy Gobert — is ready to come to the NBA team that drafted him oh so long ago, so there’s one possibility. There’s also this:

A Tomic deal is fairly complex, however, with several twists and turns on the way to Utah. There’s also the part where Frank Kaminsky is already bigger and might be a more complete player than Tomic, aside from being cheaper.

Kaminsky is 22, meaning he’s little more than a year younger than Derrick Favors (crazy, right?!) and the same age as fellow previous Naismith Player of the Year Award winner Trey Burke, and Rudy Gobert and Rodney Hood currently are. He’d fit seamlessly into the Jazz in this regard.

With great court vision, hands and feet, Frank Kaminsky can put the ball on the floor, has a quick, dead-eye release from NBA three-point range and post moves around the rim

He also plays a little defense and rebounds well and can pass very well. Frank Kaminsky comparisons vary from Channing Frye to Mehmet Okur to Dirk Nowitzki to Pau Gasol — that latter pair a player type former Jazz GM and current team adviser Kevin O’Connor has been chasing for years (he hoped Enes Kanter would be the next Pau).

Kaminsky is a fiery 7-footer and a beefy 242 pounds, more than 20 pounds heavier than Gobert already, so he has an NBA-ready body to go with a high basketball I.Q.

With great court vision, hands and feet, Frank Kaminsky can put the ball on the floor, has a quick, dead-eye release from NBA three-point range (41.6% for Wisconsin this season) and multiple post moves around the rim.

Chad Ford and ESPN’s Big Board has Frank Kaminsky going 14th to the Rockets on the lottery machine (after 10 spins by yours truly) with the Jazz passing on him for Myles Turner.

Draft Express has Frank Kaminsky going 10th in the upcoming NBA Draft in their mock. The Jazz currently sit 12th before the end of the season and lottery draw, but have a gajillion assets they could used to move up, as they have in recent years, if Kaminsky is a target.

Known as “Frank the Tank,” it might be worth considering to “#TankForFrank.

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