Enes Kanter ‘Feels Bad’, To Buy Utah Home


The Utah house Enes Kanter is reportedly looking at

He went scorched earth on the Utah Jazz and the state, as well as it’s fans. Now, Enes Kanter has had a change of heart and reportedly plans to buy a home in Utah after his next contract is solidified, one he and agent Max Ergul hope is a max contract.

The No. 3 pick in the 2011 NBA draft, Enes Kanter will be a restricted free agent this summer.

Former Utah Jazz players like Andrei Kirilenko and Deron Williams fell in love with the state of Utah in their time here and call it their home base still — the Kirilenkos plan on retiring here to their Federal Heights home, and Williams’ wife Amy and their children still reside, and attend school, in Utah year round.

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Jerry Sloan has a pad in Herriman, Utah, in the southwest corner of Salt Lake Valley, where he still spends the majority of his time, despite a sweet spread out in his native Illinois. “Coach Sloan” can be seen taking walks, often in the cool of the morning or evening, under blue skies framed by the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges.

Enes Kanter’s mouth sometimes moves faster than his brain — not unusual for a young person, especially one rebelling on some level. It’s not a huge surprise that Utah stuck to him like so many others who came here as transplants, only to have their hearts stolen by the state. It’s a beautiful and relatively clean place, a conservative place. And the Kanters are conservative people at heart.

A source close to the Kanter camp tells me:

"Enes feels really bad about his behavior (after the trade).“I love Utah fans. They support me while I was there. I hope they can forgive me one day for my actions. I learned a lot in my days for Utah. I mean, Big Al, Paul (Millsap)… the coaches were really great to take with me. It’s just a game sometimes.”–Enes Kanter"

His agent, Max Ergul, may need to secure close to that max contract that they’re reportedly seeking to buy the Olympus Cove property they’ve toured, but it’s a beaut, if they do.

I still love Utah fans. They support me while I was there. I hope they can forgive me

According to sources in the local real estate business, Enes (and two unknown associates, one in sunglasses, hat and a tailored black suit) toured the property — evidently, at some point during the recent tilt between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder, where all hell broke loose in the media.

Listed at $5.9 million, the 13,717 square foot property features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a four-car garage. And yes, perched on the side of Mt. Olympus itself, it has copious mountain views, the thing Enes Kanter said he missed most about Utah.

Another look at the house Enes Kanter is looking at RIGHT NOW

At only 20 minutes away from either Salt Lake City International Airport or Park City, it will make a great base from which to pop in and out of at will, and from experience I can say the view of the Salt Lake Valley is spectacular.

You can view several dozen more pictures of the place and get details here.

All the WWE-esque showmanship and posturing by Enes Kanter seems to be only that, in the end. It’s clear he either didn’t mean it, or feels bad for acting a fool, in retrospect, and due his immaturity might just not know how to say “I’m sorry. I screwed up. I still love you, thanks for everything.”

The view of Mt. Olympus and the mountains from the house Enes Kanter reportedly toured

Nah. I’m just messin’. Enes Kanter still loathes y’all.

April Fool’s, suckas!

Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee, and I’ll forgive Thy great big joke on me. -Robert Frost

H/T Tony Fantis, who was a good sport and helped me pull this bad boy off. Get at him if you’re house hunting! 

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