Derrick Favors’ Girlfriend Posts Double-Double


Screenshot of Derrick Favors of the Utah Jazz hosting a back to school charity event in August 2014

The biggest news for the Favors family on Super Bowl Sunday had nothing to do with footballs, sharks or beach balls. Although before long Shivolli Da Silva will resemble a beach ball in a way. Derrick Favors‘ girlfriend of many years posted a double-double, but not in the way you might suppose, dropping a dub-dub baby bomb on us.

Derrick Favors’ girlfriend Shivolli Da Silva – Da Silva’s Instagram

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Derrick Favors and longtime girlfriend Shivolli Da Silva are very active in the Utah community, last summer organizing a back-to-school charity event for local kids.

"“I just want to give back to the community because the community helped me out when I was a kid. I love doing stuff like this for the little kids.”"

Derrick Favors didn’t grow up with his father around, and doesn’t even know his name. Frankly, he doesn’t want to, and it’s hard to blame him. Favors was raised by his mother, Deandra Favors, in rough south Atlanta. He’s a homebody who loves his family, basketball and Utah.

"Favors is barely two months past his 23rd birthday but is already settling down. He now makes his full-time home in Utah. He lights up when talking about his longtime girlfriend, Shivolli Da Silva, and his two dogs — a pit bull named Gotti and a Yorkshire named Roxy.“I’m just not a huge party guy,” Favors says. “I never have been. I have my house. I have my girl. I love playing for the Jazz, and I love Utah.”Jammar Stegall met 12-year-old Derrick Favors when he was working at the Southeast Recreation Center. He coached the Atlanta Celtics, one of the nation’s most prominent AAU programs. He became Favors’ mentor.To this day, Favors refers to Stegall as his uncle. The two still spend a chunk of time each season together in Salt Lake City.But at the height of his early success — Favors would be picked No. 3 overall in the 2010 NBA draft by the then-New Jersey Nets — he got a stunning and unsettling phone call. For the first time, Favors’ father had decided to try to insert himself into his son’s life.Ask Favors about his father today, and he steers the conversation to his family and friends, the people who made an impact on his life. His dad doesn’t qualify. Asked if he even knows his father’s name, the answer is a terse “no.”–Tony Jones, Salt Lake Tribune"

Unlike the father he never knew, Derrick Favors has the makings of a great dad.

Shivolli’s due date for the twins is September 23, 2015. She registered baby wish lists at Babies R Us and Target, twice as nice for these retail outlets with a potential future basketball frontcourt or backcourt duo on the way for the lovely young Favors family.

In the first year of a new, four-year contract extension from the Utah Jazz, Favors and Da Silva bought their first house in the Salt Lake City area, and Da Silva recently started a small production company that we assume will be on hold for a little while with the twins on the way.

Favors is having his best year as an NBA pro, posting what may have been his best overall month of basketball as a Jazzman.

On behalf of the Fansided family, all the best to you and yours, Derrick and Shivolli. Congratulations on the new additions to the Utah Jazz and NBA family!