NBA Draft: FanSided Editor’s Mock Draft

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We are just about two weeks away from the 2014 NBA Draft. The Utah Jazz are positioned fifth as of right now in the first round. They also own the number 23 pick in the first round, thanks to a trade with the Golden State Warriors last off season.

At FanSided, there are many NBA team sites that post mock drafts typically on a weekly basis. The neat thing about having so many different sites, is that looking at mock drafts, there are many different opinions on how things could go.

In a group email that consisted of all the editors for a FanSided NBA site, we took the time to do a group mock draft. Each pick was made by an editor of their team’s respective site, and the opinion with the pick is by that editor.

It is neat to put all the opinions from other teams site’s together, instead of us just guessing on what people in Cleveland are thinking.

With that being said, the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock.