Will Avery Bradley be the biggest acquisition this offseason?

The Utah Jazz made a big splash by signing former Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley to the front office but is he the biggest name joining this offseason?
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers
Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz have brought on former Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley to serve as the vice president of player development according to Desert.com. Bradley's arrival on the team isn't surprising at all, as he has deep ties with the head of the Jazz's basketball operation Danny Ainge.

Will Hardy, the Jazz's head coach, has embraced Bradley as being part of the team, telling Desert.com as much by saying;

"“Avery Bradley is somebody that I’ve developed a relationship with, and he obviously played for Danny (Ainge). He’s somebody that wanted to come spend some time and see what we’ve got going on. It’s good to have him in the gym hanging out with the guys and hanging out with the coaching staff. He’s auditing this class. ... He’s auditing this side of the world, not being a player.”"

Bradley had a solid run in Boston, proving to be a defensive anchor for some of the earlier Celtics squads under Ainge's watch but he quickly fell off around 2017-2018 as he started bouncing around the league. At just 33, you'd think he'd be in the NBA still but clearly, that chapter of his career has concluded.

Now, with the front office, he gives the Jazz a pretty notable name, but is he the only big name that the team will add to the franchise this offseason? The Jazz are in need of not just people to lead player development, and the players therewithin, but actual star-caliber players who can help the Jazz find success on the court.

We don't know what value Bradley brings to the Jazz, he may just have been hired by Ainge as a favor, or maybe he's someone with a real knack for developing players. It's certainly something we'd like to see Hardy do more of next season, but while we don't know how good Bradley can be in his current role, we do know that if Bradley is the biggest name the Jazz add to the franchise this offseason, next season is going to be hard to watch.