What should the Utah Jazz's lineup and rotation look like when Lauri Markkanen returns from injury?

Lauri Markkanen may lead a transformed Utah Jazz lineup when he returns
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The Utah Jazz are 2-0 since Lauri Markkanen went down with an injury, and that's largely been to the addition of Omer Yurtseven as the team's starting center, and the return of Walker Kessler off the bench, who has single-handily dominated both sides of the court at times. The size advantage of the Jazz has truly been a sight to see and the duel center approach has helped immensely.

They weren't the only changes, Simone Fontecchio is playing well for Markkanen in relief, Collin Sexton has gotten more opportunities to bring the ball up the court, and Kris Dunn even saw some time recently. With all these moving parts, it's pretty clear that Utah Jazz head coach Will Hardy is up for changing things up and now that the Jazz are 6-11 and once again showing life, there should be talks about making more changes once Markkanen returns.

But what should those changes look like?

Well, the starting five should likely be Keyonte George, Collin Sexton, Simone Fontecchio, Lauri Markkanen, and Walker Kessler in the starting lineup. George can playmake, and Sexton is a reliable shooter. Fontecchio brings improved size on the perimeter to help with the defense, while Markkanen is the star of the team and becomes the rightful number-one option. Kessler should also go back to controlling both ends of the court from the paint.

The sixth man should be Jordan Clarkson, as you can limit his shot attempts and maximize his streaky shooting in the process. Then you have John Collins, whose offense has been awful and needs to be protected, and Kris Dunn who can help balance the defensive issues off the bench. Lastly, you have Kelly Olynyk, and depending on the issues with George and Clarkson, Ochai Agbaji is the 10th man if needed. Olynyk can facilitate the offense and play solid defense.

Agabaji would be higher on the rotation but his defense hasn't been great in the last few games and he's got to prove he's a better defender. His D-DRIP rating is near the bottom of the list. If he can improve his defense, he can get more minutes.

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