What 14 prospects did the Utah Jazz interview at the combine?

We may have a better idea who the Utah Jazz want to take at the 10th spot.
Strength and agility testing at the NBA Draft Combine
Strength and agility testing at the NBA Draft Combine / Anadolu/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are prepping for the NBA Draft and that means stopping by the NBA Draft Combine first. It's the first chance for a lot of teams to really do their homework on guys in the upcoming draft. A chance to gauge and judge which players have the ability to get the job done at the next level and which ones don't.

The Jazz are sitting at the 10th spot in the NBA Draft, which means they'll have to get lucky if they want their pick to fall to them, an unlikely scenario considering the way the draft shook out. That said, the Jazz could get lucky and see their pick, or one of their other top picks, fall to them at 10. Being at that spot means they're going to interview more players than other teams, and so that's why you saw the headline that the Jazz spoke to 14 potential prospects at the combine.

But who were the names the Jazz showed some interest in? Thanks to the Desert News, we know who they are.

  • Devin Carter, guard, Providence
  • Stephon Castle, guard, UConn
  • Isaiah Collier, guard, USC
  • Rob Dillingham, guard, Kentucky
  • Kyshawn George, guard, Miami
  • Tyler Kolek, guard, Marquette
  • Jared McCain, guard, Duke
  • Reed Sheppard, guard, Kentucky
  • Ron Holland, forward, G-League Ignite
  • Dalton Knecht, forward, Tennessee
  • Cody Williams, forward, Colorado
  • Donovan Clingan, center, UConn
  • Zach Edey, center, Purdue
  • Alex Sarr, center, Australia

As you can see, they're doing their due dilligence across the board, with top prospects like Alex Sarr, Reed Sheppard, Cody Williams, Stephon Castle, and Donovan Clingan all being interviewed. Not to mention later first-round or possible second-round picks like Zach Edey and Tyler Kolek being names mentioned.

It's clear the Jazz want to cover all of their bases and with three draft picks in this year's draft, that's the prudent thing to do.