We now know where two of the Utah Jazz's draft picks land and they aren't good

The Utah Jazz fell further back in the draft.
2021 NBA Draft
2021 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz once again found themselves on the bad end of a draft tiebreaker. The Jazz famously are bad at them, and we're not sure why but thanks to KSL we can now relive all of the miserable tie-breaking failures the team has fallen victim to over the years. Now, once again, the Jazz are on the losing end of tie-breaking attempts. This time, however, it's at least at the back of the draft.

The Utah Jazz's second pick and last in the first round was never destined to be good. It was likely to be the worst combination of about four different outcomes and it ended up being exactly that. The Utah Jazz failed to capture the 28th pick in the NBA draft and will instead draft 29th overall.

The Denver Nuggets, the team to beat in the NBA, ended up taking the 28th spot in the upcoming NBA Draft. And if we're being super technical about things, it's actually the Oklahoma City Thunder who got the 29th pick but due to a series of trades, the Jazz now own that pick.

So the Jazz currently sits at the 29th pick in the first round and the 32nd pick in the second round, formerly owned by the Washington Wizards.

All is not lost for the Utah Jazz however, as they currently have the 8th best odds to land the first overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. The team will find out where in the NBA Draft they'll actually pick as the NBA will conduct the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery on May 12.

This is not a draft that many fans have high hopes for, with many experts calling this a "bad draft", so bad that one anonymous NBA general manager told Jeff Goodman that this is the type of draft that can get a GM fired if they end up getting the first overall pick.

So while the Jazz can win the draft lottery, is it really something they should want?