Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith wants suggestions for a possible NHL team, and we have the best one

Ryan Smith wants his Utah Jazz fans to help him name a potential Salt Lake City NHL team.
Mar 6, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith looks on before the game between
Mar 6, 2024; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith looks on before the game between / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz have thrived in Salt Lake City for decades because it was the only show in town for fans who wanted pro sports. While the city also boasts an MLS soccer team (Real Salt Lake), the rest of the "major" pro sports teams aren't drawing close to what their MLS team does, let alone the Jazz. So despite having teams in the Major Ruby League (Utah Warriors) and the PLL (Utah Archers), it's really the Jazz that dominates the sports headlines year-round.

However, the Utah Royals of the National Women's Soccer League are on a bit of a sell-out streak to start what is, in essence, their return season. Still, it's Jazz country out here.

That may change, however, if Jazz owner Ryan Smith gets his way. Not satisfied with owning the Jazz, Real Salt Lake, Real Monarchs, the Utah Royals, as well as control over the Salt Lake Bees, Smith wants more. He wants an NHL team in Salt Lake City, and he's doing everything he can to manifest that into reality. If Smith gets his way an NHL team is coming to Salt Lake City and in doing so will give their team a money-making machine that can come close to what the Jazz have done in the state over the decades.

He needs help though. Not necessarily with getting the league to franchise a team to the city, but in naming the squad.

ABC4 is reporting that Utah Yeti and Utah Blizzard are among some of the more well-received ideas. Personally, I think the team name should match the vibe of the city, the Jazz, and the fandom. Most of the team names that exist in Utah are pretty unoriginal, or like the Jazz, don't fit the team's geographical region. Since the team was originally launched in New Orleans, calling them the Jazz made sense.

It doesn't make sense now. It's tradition now, so changing the name wouldn't make a lot of sense. So instead, how about we embrace one of the best movies of one of the best decades of all time and call the proposed hockey team, the Real Salt Lake Punks, but instead of pronouncing 'real' like Europeans do for their soccer clubs, we just pronounce it as we Americans have for decades.

Obviously, the name is based on SLC Punk, an iconic movie from the 90s starring Matthew Lillard. It's a name that fits well with the more violent and in-your-face sport of ice hockey.