Utah Jazz general manager Justin Zanik has entered the "Only Spin Zone"

Justin Zanik is saying things...oh he's saying things....
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

In 1996, the world got to see firsthand the idea of spinning a headline as a concept for a television series. Starring the tremendously talented Michael J. Fox as Mike Flaherty, the show, Spin City, revealed that the only thing that separates scandal and success is how you interpret the news. On one hand, you could hear about how a fuel station exploded, and then, on the other hand, tell everyone that a free firework show happened and that the denizens need not thank you for giving them it.

It's all about the spin. And Justin Zanik of the Utah Jazz is going to get really comfortable with this concept. The Jazz decided to thank after nearly three-fifths of the season was over, and in doing so destroyed the chemistry the team had and its shot to make the Top 6 in the Western Conference. Let's disregard how this is affecting the morale of the team (2-9 since the NBA Trade Deadline), and let's just focus on why they did this; their 2024 NBA Draft Pick.

The Jazz are currently in line to retain that pick as they are the 10th-worst team in the NBA at the moment. Though it's still up to fate if they keep their pick. Opponents for tanking to retain their pick have pointed out this isn't a strong draft. Now, before we get to the quote, let's be clear that we don't agree with the idea that pre-draft hype means a draft is going to be great. Look at the 2020 NBA Draft, some stars have emerged yes, but most of the non-stars are going to be in China playing basketball sooner rather than later.

Hype doesn't mean talent. So the 2024 NBA Draft Class could be good. We don't know. We scoff at Zanik's comments, however, where he claims that there's no such thing as a bad NBA Draft Class.

Okay, Zanik.

Speaking to the media, (via Hans Olsen on Twitter/X), Zanik with his whole chest said;

"There's no such thing as a bad draft, there's ALWAYS great players".

Yes, like the 2020 NBA Draft, which saw such luminaries as...Kenyon Martin and Jamal Maglore. Let us not forget the 2013 NBA Draft, where Anthony Bennett rightfully (sarcasm) went over Giannis Antetokounmpo. Where Otto Porter Jr., Cody Zeller, Alex Len, and Nerlens Noel went #3 through #6.

The 2020 class isn't looking great. Yes, they've had a few stars, but most of the top names are already busts or can't stay healthy. We respect the idea that each draft has someone worth having. That's factually true. 2000 had Mike Miller and Michael Redd and 2020 had Tyrese Haliburton. 2013 had Antetokounmpo.

Yes, there is always someone worth having, but good drafts have far more than a handful of players worth having and Zanik knows that. He knows that the collapse of this season has angered a lot of fans and has fans contemplating if the front office knows what they're doing. That's why he's spinning the notion that the 2024 Draft could be awesome.

Again, he's not wrong that it could be great, but he is wrong when he says there aren't any bad drafts in NBA history. Yes, there is. Saying that there isn't just to keep fans satiated isn't going to help. It's like when news broke that the Jazz "almost" traded for a name at the deadline, despite no name being mentioned. It's damage control.

Dare I say, it's spin.