Full details of Kelly Olynyk trade have been finalized after latest Jazz pick

The Jazz completed the Kelly Olynyk trade with this selection in the 2024 draft.
Utah Jazz, Kelly Olynyk
Utah Jazz, Kelly Olynyk / Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz were eager to trade Kelly Olynyk for a first-round draft pick at the deadline. It cost them Ochai Agbaji, but getting draft capital is key for any rebuilding team. The selection they acquired had been traded around before landing in Salt Lake City.

The Raptors were eager to add a veteran forward after trading Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby. Olynyk’s passing and versatility make him a fantastic fit, and Agbaji gives Toronto another wing to develop.

The Jazz made this trade for the first-round pick, and the selection is finally in.

Jazz complete Kelly Olynyk trade with 1st round draft pick

There was only one draft choice in this deal, so things wrapped up on June 26 when the Jazz selected Isaiah Collier at 29th overall. Here are the full details.

Raptors receive

Kelly Olynyk

Ochai Agbaji

Jazz receive

Otto Porter Jr.

Kira Lewis Jr.

Isaiah Collier

Otto Porter Jr. did not play one second with the Jazz before being waived in March.

Kira Lewis Jr. appeared in 12 contests, but averaged just 3.8 points and 1.6 assists in 9.9 minutes per game. The 2020 lottery selection is a free agent and hopes to find another NBA opportunity. He has struggled in his first four seasons, but the 23-year-old still has time to improve his game.

The pressure is on Collier to give the Utah Jazz something from this trade. He was the second pick by Utah in the 2024 NBA Draft. They took Cody Williams tenth overall and hope both can grow into key pieces of their core. Utah is years away from contending and wants to accumulate talent to build a sustainable winner.

Collier was projected to go first overall earlier this year. He struggled with his decision-making and jumper at USC, but the 6'5 guard has plenty of potential. Collier could blossom as the Jazz search for a lead ball-handler.

Olynyk and Agbaji are under contract in Toronto. Both figure to play roles for the Raptors next season as Toronto looks to build out their young core. Utah needs this selection to hit. If not, this will look like a runaway win for Masai Ujiri and his Raptors.

The rebuild in Utah is still in the early stages. The Jazz got a ton of draft capital for Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert. They must turn those selections into talent that helps them win. This is another piece of that puzzle.

Stay tuned to see how Danny Ainge and company build their roster and try to bring a contender back to Salt Lake City. Ainge helped build the Celtics into a title winner, and Jazz fans can only dream he replicates it with the Jazz.