Trading away Lauri Markkanen for Julius Randle only serves the New York Knicks

Why would the Utah Jazz downgrade when they want to win?
New York Knicks v Utah Jazz
New York Knicks v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

I've seen some truly bad trade ideas, but this one takes the cake. In a video post from Bleacher Report (via Sports Illustrated), the New York Knicks would acquire Lauri Markkanen for Julius Randle. In addition, the Jazz would get the 25th pick in the NBA Draft this season (2024) and the best of the picks between the Jazz and Knicks in 2027, while the Knicks would get the worst pick of the two that season.

It's an absurdly bad trade idea. Markkanen is on the rise, while Randle is considered inconsistent and overrated. Yet, the only thing you're giving the Jazz for an All-Star caliber forward is an aging, injury-riddled forward and a very late first-round pick?

Randle is older, costs more, and doesn't fit the Jazz's timeline for winning. If he arrives in Salt Lake City, it's only as a layover before he either gets traded again or is ultimately waived by the team. Randle makes no sense for the Jazz in any way shape or form if Markkanen isn't on the team.

If Markkanen is on the team, then Randle has value as a second option behind him. Yet, without Markkannen, you're not really getting anything out of Randle worth holding onto. He's about to turn 30, has a history of injuries, and doesn't fit with the team's timeline for winning. It's a bad trade to just give the Jazz a first-round pick.

This is a three-pick minimum idea. We're not even talking swaps. If you want Markkanen, knowing full well he's the team's best player and is an upgrade over Randle, you're giving up three first-round picks, and then we can talk swaps. At 30 years old, RAndle is what he is. He isn't getting any better and we all know it.

Let's not act like the Jazz can get a lot back for Randle either because if teams were lining up to acquire him, the Knicks likely would've traded him during the last season. So you're sticking the Jazz with an aging player, on a team going nowhere, and all they get is a late-first-round pick and more than likely will keep their own pick in 2027?

It'd be hard to find a less serious trade offer.