Top 4 Utah Jazz players likely to be dealt at the trade deadline

The Utah Jazz have a few more hours to make some moves and these three men could be on their way out.
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Kris Dunn

This is one that no one really wants to see. Kris Dunn has come alive with the Utah Jazz and his defense has become something that the team can hang their hats on. He and Walker Kessler have established a nice one-two punch when they're on the court together and getting Dunn a new contract should be a priority. But that's the issue, isn't it?

He's in the last year of his contract and he's never played better. He's also about a month away from turning 30, so he's not exactly the youngest guy on the roster either. The combination of excellent play, his age, and his contract makes him a piece that the Jazz may want to move. They could probably get more for him right now than at any other time in his career and considering he's 30, the Jazz are likely wondering if the return is worth giving up an All-Defense caliber player.

Dunn is too good to trade and should get a new, three-year contract from the Jazz instead, but considering the fact that the Jazz just traded away their starting small forward for a second-round pick, it's very likely that the team is looking to cash in the chips they have on guys with an up and down track record, and that could very well include Dunn.

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