This Lauri Markkanen to the 76ers trade proposal is one to pass on

The Utah Jazz may want to consider trading Lauri Markkanen soon if the team is going to go full "Process" but they should pass on this one.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz
Minnesota Timberwolves v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Utah Jazz are going to have to manage some players very soon. Guys like Lauri Markkanen are not happy that the team keeps intentionally imploding right before the run of the playoff really takes hold. In the last two years, despite Markkanen putting up All-Star performances, the Jazz have intentionally tanked just for the sake of potential draft pick placement.

It's hurting the team, as we're seeing this year. The players aren't playing with the same fire they did before the trade deadline and for good reason. The team has made it very clear that the future isn't now after all, and that no one is safe. It's caused Markkanen to reveal he was very upset about the moves that were made, and that type of thing isn't to sit well with a Top 20 NBA player who is in his prime.

He knows his best shot at a title, especially as a major player, is now. And if the Jazz are just going to keep prioritizing draft picks, it may be time to trade Markkanen. But, even if the Jazz do trade him, they better get more than this in return.

Hoops Habit recently posted an article about Markkanen getting traded, and what that could look like if the Philadelphia 76ers were the team that got Markkanen in return. The deal speculated that the 76ers would give up first-round picks in 2026 and 2028 from the Los Angeles Clippers, while also getting pick swaps with the Clippers in 2029 and then the 2030 first-round pick from the 76ers.

Of course, the 76ers have these picks from the Clippers thanks to the James Harden trade. The trade also features Paul Reed going over to the Jazz. The thing is though, despite the Clippers looking like a team not long for title contention, are not just going to roll over. The Clippers are owned by one of the most well-funded and richest owners in the league, Steve Ballmer. He's just got his new arena for the team built and will host the 2026 NBA All-Star game and portions of the 2028 Olympics.

The idea that the Clippers are just going to be bad over the next four years for the Jazz to cash in on those picks isn't likely. This isn't like the Cleveland Cavaliers or Minnesota Timberwolves, where the franchises tend to be more and up and down, than up.

The Clippers have a new arena, new logos, and an owner willing to spend. It has an attractive location and the ability to sign free agents. The Jazz are not going to make bank off a trade with the 76ers.