This Bleacher Report trade idea for Lauri Markkanen will make you pull your hair out

This is a lackluster trade for Lauri Markkanen, so take it back. We don't' want it.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz
Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

If you're an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, just say so. Bleacher Report posted a new article for their ideas on what every team should do if they land the number one overall pick. For the Jazz, that's nothing. You draft the best, pro-level-ready player possible and you go to town. You up the team's talent level and go compete.

You don't trade away your best player. That's what Bleacher Report is suggesting, however. In their newest article, they suggest that the Jazz trade Lauri Markkanen for just three future first-round picks and Josh Giddey.

It's not a good trade. Some might think so, especially Thunder fans, but it's not. First of all, to get Markkanen, you aren't going to even start the conversation without putting four first-round picks to start. To start. Secondly, Giddey? Listen, personal issues aside the Jazz aren't needing a non-shooting guard. Let alone one who plays just solid defense.

He and Keyonte George would be a terrible pairing together. That's all before we get to the fact that Giddey will perpetually remind everyone of Karl Malone and we're not about to do that. Send him to Orlando or Portland. Not Utah.

The trade idea is bad enough, but the explanation behind is even worse. They acknowledge that the Jazz would likely land a major name to build around Markkanen before trying to land a big name or two after. Sufficiently building around Markkanen and making this a club to take seriously. Yet, they don't think that's the way to go and suggest trading Markkanen because the "timeframe" doesn't "align", saying;

""...His Jazz teammates look like they might be ready three or four years from now. Between that divide and the fact that the Finn needs a massive pay raise between now and next summer, both sides might be better off apart...Putting Giddey in the same backcourt as Keyonte George would give Utah plenty of offensive creativity to shape its roster around.""

Two guards who can't shoot. Oh, that'll generate interest in the team. Now, it should be stated that some of Markkanen's teammates are not ready to compete, but if the team acquires, for instance, Devin Booker, do you really think that it'll matter if Keyonte George is three or four years away?

No, because he won't be in Utah anymore for that to matter. Now, there is a chance that the article is right, that the Jazz can't land the names they hope to, and that they may end up not re-signing Markkanen should that happen. Yet, Markkanen will only not be re-signed if the team doesn't acquire talent around him and that'll only really be a known situation after not just the draft, but the summer.

Why worry about trading Markkanne before you've had a chance to improve the team? That makes no sense and is just another reason why this trade doesn't work for the Jazz.

Works great for the Thunder though.