There's no real point in Lauri Markkanen returning this season

The Utah Jazz should consider just resting Lauri Markkanen for the rest of the season.
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic
Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic / Rich Storry/GettyImages

With only 17 games left in the Utah Jazz's season, it may be time to consider shutting guys down. Namely, Lauri Markkanen. This season has largely been a waste and while some fans want to hold onto the potential of this all paying off in the form of several draft picks, it may not have been worth it. Who knows what will happen to the NBA Draft Lottery? The team could get a Top 10 pick, the first overall pick or it may fall fallout of the Top 10 and they'll lose their pick.

It's nearly impossible to say what will happen. And that's just off the court. On the court, you have 17 games left in a lost season and the only thing that could happen is a major injury to some of your most necessary players. Namely Markkanen. Markkanen is currently nursing a hamstring issue, but is back to practicing, so he may return to the court before the week is out, but what's the point?

The only thing that could happen to him at this point is that he further aggravates his injury and considering how devoid the team is of talent around him, the team can't hope to succeed next season with Markkanen on the shelf. Normally, I'm the kind of guy who goes "You get paid, you have to play", as it just makes sense ethically. However, I'm not in that headspace right now.

Namely, because the Jazz have proven that they'll purposely kill good teams for the sake of potential draft picks. If the front office isn't willing to commit to winning, why should winning players commit to playing? The front office gave up, so the stars should too. It's only fair.

Markkanen playing 17 garbage games just to get hurt would be among the worst things that could happen this season. It's already a lost cause, there's no reason to add any more sunk costs to it. Sit Markkanen. Lose on purpose. Get a high pick.

And dang it, do better next season.