There's a push to start Collin Sexton over Keyonte George and that might be the right call

The Utah Jazz may be on the right path by starting Collin Sexton over Keyonte George.
Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers
Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Keyonte George has shown enough flashes for people to be excited about the rookie point guard. In a season where turnovers are king and assists are a myth, George has done a good job of limiting the turnovers and generating assists for teammates. He's shown some incredible burst of speed and the potential is real. He's also terrible at scoring, highly inefficient, and plays turnstile defense. He's got potential but he's not a good player right now.

Collin Sexton is a highly efficient scorer from inside the three-point line to a wild degree. He's also proven to be a good passer when called upon. He's just as bad, if not worse, on defense than George, but he's someone who has a bit of a floor you can at least lean on, unlike George. George has nights that are so bad that you have to take several showers just to feel clean again. Sexton never has those types of nights, at least not when he's on offense.

Defensively, you may need to seek medical attention seeing how bad he is at times.

There isn't a great option between the two, but more and more people are starting to argue for Sexton to get a start over guys like George and injured-and-soon-to-be-traded Jordan Clarkson.

And they may not be too off base. Sexton's not a perfect player, and he's arguably better suited for a sixth-man position, similar to one of Clarkson in the past, but he's a better and more efficient guard than anyone the Jazz have on their roster - at least when we're talking about scoring prowess. If the goal is to still win games, then Sexton and Kris Dunn need to be the starters going forward, while Clarkson and Talen Horton-Tucker are traded, and George takes a spot in the bench rotation.

Coming off the bench is the best call for George going forward this year, as it'll give him a chance to play and develop, while limiting the negative impact he may have on the team going forward through his rookie year.

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